Meet our team of weight loss experts and bespoke coaches

You are well cared for by these women. Each one plays a pivotal role in the Bespoke Coaching Programme to deliver sustainable weight & fat loss results

Emily de Luzy Coaching Founder

"Hi i'm Emily. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my fantastic team of experts & coaches who have supported me in making this coaching programme deliver extraordinary results & change women's lives."

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Emily de Luzy

Founder & Expert In Hormones

Weight Loss Experts

These women have helped craft the Bespoke Coaching Programme. Using their expertise, you will be delivered a program that will deliver the best from your mind and body. Click on the experts image to find out more...

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Colleen Moore

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Camilla Gray

Nutritional Therapist

Our Bespoke Coaches

These women, along with me, will be responsible for your day to day coaching. They are each experts in coaching women to achieve fantastic body transformations. Click on the coaches image to find out more...

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Jullianna Parker

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Jessie Mansell

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Emily Wallis

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Jayme Sephton